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To create lasting client relationships through excellent service and product, while keeping prices affordable.


Creativity comes from the heart and mind. Your passion for your business becomes our passion. Your vision inspires our vision.


We value dependability, trust, and open communication. We strive to make you so pleased that you’d be proud to refer us.

Service that exceeds your expectations.

Since 1992, we have kept our finger on the pulse. Technology in graphic design and print media has progressed by leaps and bounds. Keeping in step with this evolution, Bold Images brings you a solid foundation of balance - giving you all the benefits of current technology, while maintaining our mission, vision and values. This has been our mantra for nearly 30 years of business... to provide our clients with service that exceeds expectation.

Stickers and custom packaging for Studio Jolie printed by Bold Images in Print

The BOLD Process

The Bold Process. An experience that is curated for each and every customer.

First we begin by understanding who you are, and the nature of your print media and/or creative needs. We carefully work to better understand all the various dependencies of the project. We secure all the information needed to produce exceptional results within budget parameters.

Next, we take all that we learned through the first part of our process to put together an effective project scope and plan. Our valued clients leverage over forty plus years of print experience. This provides two important benefits. First, it gives us an immense toolset to design an approach that solves the most complex of print projects. Second, it reduces the risk to the client by reducing the likelihood of hidden cost over-runs.

Once we’ve mapped the project scope and identified potential issues, such as hidden dependencies that would trip up the progress of the project, we work expeditiously to advance the goals of the project. Each step along the way, we ensure that we are communicating with our valued clients to help them plan for the next phase of their projects. We do what we do because we love people—we love our clients and our clients love us!

Some printers will kick back once the project has been delivered. Not us! We are in touch ensuring that these printed assets get into the right hands at the right time! This is how we ‘close the loop’. We know that our clients depend on us, we know that we’ve built trust with them, and we respect this by making sure that delivery happens on time and on budget!

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